Alliance for Patient Safety

בל"ה - ברית לבטיחות החולה

...All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
.is for good men to do nothing…                                                             
Edmund Burke                                                                                                  

 Dr. Boaz Lev, the Public Ombudsman for the Medical Professions Ministry of Health

Dr. B. Lev, the Public Ombudsman for the Medical Professions – Accepts 99% of the criticism

We want to be a body which clarifies facts and to get structural evidence for launching a “disciplinary process”, because 

it is part of our role as well, to transfer it later to the “disciplinary court unit" in cases of severe negligence.

 We can recommend on “corrective measures" and receive also at the end feedback from the organization about what they 

have done in order to correct any ill behavior. 

The “lack of trust in the system is a problem". One of ways to cope with it is "transparency”. To create more transparency 

we include a representative of the public in the processes we are undertaking. It is important that our “integrity” shall be  seen and understood. 

When I receive a complaint about behavior that could represent a risk, I’ll do every effort, and “I wish that I could succeed”  in it, to really stop immediately his activity.

“Mistakes, errors and negligence had occurred in the past and will occur in the future, regretfully." Even the Commission is 

not immune to it. Can we possibly be wrong? Of course we can! Were there cases in which perhaps disciplinary processes 

should have been acted upon and not taken ? 

The sad case of Ofek Taub, who was ventilated with CO2 instead of oxygen is horrific. Have we excelled in this event ? 

The answer is no. Are we in a process of improvement ? I think very much so.” 

Additional subjects that were placed on our table; babies deliveries performed at home which ended in tragedy, low standards 

abortions, surgeries of obesity, responsibility of the persons on duty,… A physician not showing up; he is called, he is contacted 

at home. He doesn’t wake up and he is not coming out. We have quite a few complaints and disciplinary processes against such 

physicians. It is almost automatic. 

A physician not showing up, and thus committing acts of negligence, – is unforgivable.

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