Alliance for Patient Safety

בל"ה - ברית לבטיחות החולה

...All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
.is for good men to do nothing…                                                             
Edmund Burke                                                                                                  

KM Yael German, former Minister of Health (Yesh Atid)

 Former Secretary of Health and member of Knesset, Y. German, expresses her conviction that: 

Any Agency responsible for reviewing complaints can NOT be part of the same Body subject of the grievances. 

In the case of Israel’s Police, the Audit Commission responsible for analyzing allegations against the Police is Independent from the Police. 

Similarly, the Ombudsman’s Office MUST be Independent from the Health Dept and MK Smotrich agreed with me at the time. That’s why I warmly 

recommend that we do the same in Healthcare.

To suggest otherwise is abnormal, because it is going against Human nature. It is impossible that physicians shall investigate other physicians. 

That's why the individual heading the Audit Commission can NOT be a physician, can NOT know the physicians, should NOT know the physicians 

familiar with the physicians, as he/she MUST be objective. Such an individual could be a judge for example. 

Obviously, a physician without any bias, impartial and not prone to be influenced MUST be part of the Commission to assist. 

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