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בל"ה - ברית לבטיחות החולה

...All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
.is for good men to do nothing…                                                             
Edmund Burke                                                                                                  

Adv. Tzilli Amir – The Bar Association

 the system is sick with cover – ups and concealment 

I represent the “Tort Forum” of the Bar Association. The Healthcare system suffers from an epidemic of cover-up and concealment. 

The Medical Records are whitewashed with multiple concealments, including forgeries. 

At our previous hearing Amiad Taub showed us 3 Discharge summaries following surgery and each one had a different content with 

brazen concealment, it is terrible what happened there while everyone knew very well the truth,… but NO ONE here fell off their chair ! 

Yet, 21 years ago the Knesset passed an excellent law, the Patients’ Rights Act, the right to information, to autonomy. After all, this is 

a very basic right ! 

The IMA itself declares that the physician must provide the whole information. So why are we talking about a new legislation ? 

We already have a law which is NOT enforced ! 

The State Comptroller’s in-depth reports of 2004, 2012 & 2015, state that the Patients’ Rights Act was violated and NOTHING CHANGED ! 


I can attest that out of 100 people coming to see me, maybe 1 filed a complaint with the Ombudsman. So you want to tell me that 11.000 

complaints the Ombudsman received reflect the situation ? That’s NOT reasonable. 

Hence, our position is UNEQUIVOCAL. The Ombudsman’s office MUST be OUT of the Dept of Health ! 

For decades it has been part of the Health Dept so look at the total fiasco we have ! 

NO ONE objects to a physician’s apology, but it can NOT be at the expense of the basic Right of the Patient to know what happened ? 

It is an UNCONDITIONAL Right ! It can not be dependent on any Immunity, or any type of Physician’s Protection.

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